Thursday, 18 July 2013

Somali Journalists Call For Somali Government To Widespread Media Freedom

Mogadishu:- More than 50-journalists who work in different media plate forms have attended a meeting held today in Mogadishu the capital city of Somalia.

The journalists  have discussed the recent media laws that was passed by the cabinet of Somali  ministers .

In the course of their  debate, most of of them opposed the government's laws which threats media freedom and democracy.

Somali  journalists in particularly the the journalists who attended the meeting, conveyed  their  anxiety to the members of  Somali parliament who also attended the meeting such as Dahir Amin Jeesow and  Pro. Mohamed Omar Dalha and they pledged the journalists that they vote against the law and protect media rights in the country. 

In history, the media in Somalia has gone through a number of stages. Under the military regime of Mohamed Siad Bare, the media was controlled completely by the government. 

At that time, once a journalist finished their training they were handpicked to work for the government. Thus, if you did not have the backing of the regime, you had no chance in journalism. When the military government fell in 1991, private media  emerged the print press and then electronic media, but unfortunately, the electronic media houses, which were mainly radio stations. 

In 1999, the era of warlord dominated electronic media ended as new private radio stations emerged. Since then, there has also been the establishment of media houses in 2000.

Finally, Somali Media Freedom Defenders is kindly  urging all Somali journalists wherever in the world to talk the federal government to widespread of a free and fair media in the country.

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