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Attacks against journalists is still underway in Somalia

Galkayo town: - Somali Media Freedom Defender (SMFD) denounces the
grenade attack on Radio Galkayo station in the semi-autonomous region
of Puntland 19/10/2011. This was the third local radio station hit
with a blast with in three months according to CPJ.
SMFD calls for Putalnd administration to take instantaneous steps to
identify and put on trial the perpetrators and bring them to the
The grenade attack was thrown into the studios of Radio Galkayo, one
of radios covering local news based in Galkayo town, the capital city
of Mudug region and the explosion smashed the back wall, a window to
the office of the radio director Mr. Hirsi.
“No one was hurt in the grenade attack, but the station's staff was
working in dread condition, but the explosion smashed the back wall, a
window to the office of the radio director,” said local journalists in
Radio Galkayo was attacked by a grenade that shattered parts of radio
in January, 20110 and this kind of media attack is an apparent threat
in order the media to be silent.
Entire of four grenade attacks against Puntland-based radio stations
happened since 2010 according to CPJ.   Unidentified attackers the
private Horseed FM radio based in in Bossaso port town of Putalnd.
Similarly in August 2010, unknown invaders threw a grenade at radio
Daljir and in May 2010 an unexploded blast was found in frontage of
radio Daljir's main gate.
Unknown gunmen shot Radio Galkayo female journalist named Huriyo
Abdulkadir 14/09/2011after she left from her station (radio Galkacyo)
and 22/09/2011, unknown gunmen shot Hassan Mohamed Ali “Atena” twice
at a tea shop just outside his work place a reporter for the Voice of
Peace Radio in Bossaso.
CPJ made a research on press assaults exemplifies that working
circumstances for journalists in Somalia particularly the journalists
who are in semi-autonomous region of Puntland have been very risk past
couple of months.
the grenade attack on Radio Galkayo has  coincided  Abiaziz Ahmed
Adan, a 24-year old reporter for the regional station radio Markablay,
 has passed away in the  suicide attack  04/10/2011; initially
reported as missing, he was later identified by his family members.
Mr. Abiaziz joined the station in February 2011 and recently been sent
to Mogadishu city as reporter.

The blast took place when he was reporting the results of an
examination for Turkey scholarship for Somali students. Journalist
Abiaziz Ahmed, a lot of students and parents died in the explosion at
a security checkpoint outside a compound housing several government
ministries among them the Ministry of Education in Mogadishu.

Two other journalists were wounded in the attack; among them the
Ministry of education Abdulkadir Mohyadin, a cameraman for Somali
National Television and Ali Hassan, a reporter for Universal
Television, were hit by shrapnel from the blast.  Both journalists had
been sent to cover the unveiling of the examination results.

 All Somali journalists could be the target of violence, while they
are covering the news and it is better for the international community
to work with Somali government in hunting those behind this violent

A Somali journalist, Hassan Mohamed Ali gave an interview about his
condition though parts of his body don’t function properly because of
the injury.
Galkacyo  town:- Somali Media Freedom Defender (SMFD) has contacted
with   Hassan Mohamed Ali known as (Antena); broadcast journalist was
shot and perilously injured in the commercial port town of Bossaso,
northeast-Somalia in Puntland.

Hassan Mohamed Ali known as (Antena), a correspondent for the Voice of
Peace Radio in Bossaso, was shot by unknown armed-men at the tea-shop
place near the station of Radio Voice of Peace in Bossaso on Thursday
around 10:20 am, local time, 22 /09/ 2011, where the journalist has
been having a cup of tea, among other local inhabitants as himself has
told Somali Media Freedom Defender on Thursday 13/10/2011.

“Two bullets hit me, one hit my heart and the other hit his right arm,
I was made an operation, I am feeling pain of my heart and my left
shoulder” said Mr. Atena who is in Galkayo hospital in Mudug region
where he is currently medicated  since  the doctors informed him that
he needs further treatment in abroad according to Burhan Ahmed Dahir,
a Somalia journalist who  took Hassan Mohamed  Ali  from Bossasso port
town to Galkayo  and  he also confirmed  me that  businessmen and
journalists contributed  some money for Hassan whose condition is
rather recovering though parts of his body don’t function properly
because of the injuries.

“I kindly request from human rights & media supporters both
internationally and locally to assist me, I got injury badly and the
doctors told me that I can’t be done anything in the country,” sadly
said Mr. Atena.

Mr.  Hassan Mohamed Ali  known as (Atena)  also said  “I am an
innocent journalist whose work is to broadcast  the fact news like
social events, peace and violations against human rights, I don’t know
what I was attacked,  but fortunately I thank my almighty Allah who
saved me from ruthless shooting made by cruel gunmen for me.”

This atrocious attack coincided in two weeks time when another 20-year
old female journalist Huriyo Abdulkadir, working for the radio
Galkacyo, was shot with four bullets by unknown militias on

“We unanimously condemned these vicious attacks against journalists
working in Somalia, this is intentionally attack against journalists
thus the authorities of  Puntland semiautonomous state   must crack
down on the deliberately media attacks particularly  the violations on
journalists”,  said  Somali Journalists Association Network (SOJANET)
and Somali Media Freedom Defender (SMFD).

Somali Journalists Association Network (SOJANET) and Somali Media
Freedom Defender (SMFD) are kindly urging Somali journalists to be
very vigilant as attacks against them.

There is no powerful government which can protect the daily violations
with impunity of civil societies such as journalists and human rights
activities in Somalia, no freedom of the press and no freedom of
expression exist in Somalia and violations with impunity of Somali
journalists became normal last six-years and this is what caused that
more than 250-journalists fled from their home country. Somali became
to a state of violence and insecurity unseen since 1991.

By the time I was speaking to Hassan Mohamed Ali, he has thanked
EHAHRDP how it regularly offers financial assistances to Somali
Journalists whether in exile or in the country and he said, “I am so
delightful the support I received from EHAHRDP.”

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