Thursday, 11 April 2013

Mohammed Nuxurkey Benefit

Gabriel Joselow
On Monday, March 18 a car bomb exploded in downtown Mogadishu.  The attackers were targeting a security official, but the blast tore through a passing minibus, killing several bystanders.
Somali journalist Mohammed Ali Nuxurkey was among 10-people killed that day, and one of 3 Somali journalists killed this year.
Mohammed had been working with us at Voice of America. He was energetic and ambitous, constantly offering story ideas and sending us sound bites and information from the Somali capital.
At 29 years old, he leaves behind a wife and a five-month old child.
While our company does not have an offiical system for compensating the family, we at the Nairobi bureau wanted to do something to help them out.
So I'm asking your help to contribute a few extra dollars to help support Mohammed's family during this difficult time.
Your contribution will show up as going to my pay pal account (that's just how this system works) but every penny will go directly to the family.  We hope to raise about $3,000 over the next few weeks.
Thank you from all of us here in Nairobi.
Gabe Joselow
East Africa Bureau Chief
VOA News, Nairobi
gjoselow (at)

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