Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Journalist, Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim better known as “Koronto” who is the jail almost two weeks, appeared at the Attorney General office on Tuesday January, 22/01/ 2012, along with the other five prisoners apprehended in connection with the rape case but returned to the CID custody  after questioning by the attorney general along with other lawyers.

 The innocent journalist in the detention is lack of proper charge more than 13-days.

Some Somali journalists have been tracking the rape case and they have been present at the attorney general on Tuesday to follow the case.

 Also the raped woman clearly affirmed her position and told the attorney general that she was raped by uniformed government soldiers even her father and uncle were confirmed the case as well as her husband who is in a one of the detained people publicly voted for that his wife was raped by uniformed government soldiers.

“The UN and AU should investigate this case,” said Media Defenders in Somalia. 

 Media organizations including Somali Media Freedom Defender are worrying journalist’s situation in the jail custody. 

Somali Media Freedom Defender is requesting Somali government to release the journalist as soon as possible.

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