Saturday, 12 January 2013


Mogadishu: - Somali Media Freedom defender (SMFD) complains the apprehend of a broadcast journalist by the Somali Police without-court commands and calls for his instantaneous free.

Abdiasis Abdinuur Ibrahim known as Koronto detained by Somali policemen on January, 09/01/ 2013.

The journalist works for different media platforms such as Radio Ergo based in Nairobi, Dalsan Radio in Mogadishu and stringer to Daily Telegraph.

He was accused of interviewing a woman who said that she was raped by the group of the Somali army. 

Somali Media Freedom defender (SMFD) kindly calls for the Somali police to give the journalist’s self-determination back and request the government to take positive investigations relating his arrest.

SMFD petitions for the Somali police to respect the freedom of expression and give the journalist’s freedom back.

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