Sunday, 27 January 2013


Mogadishu- Abdiazis Abdinur Ibrahim, a Somali journalist arrested by the government January 10, 2013 for purportedly interviewing a woman who said that she had been raped by the state security forces.

He was sent to jail without charge as Somali Journalists Associations confirmed yesterday.

It was expected the hearing of the case of the Somali journalist, Abdiasis Abdinur known as “Koronto” to take place yesterday, but the hearing was delayed for the second time to unstipulated date, according to the Somali Attorney General, Dr.  Abdulkadir Mohamed who gave an interview to the press.

“The journalist is accused for the rape story interview posted on Aljazeera English on January 6 in which he allegedly interviewed a woman who said that she has been raped by the Somali security forces, this kind of matter in concern is the integrity of the Somali  police and the credibility of the Somali government,”  said the Somali attorney general .

Attorney general   also said that the journalist will be the prison until his case be brought to the court.
The journalist’s lawyer.  Prof. Mohamed Afrah told media that the case has been
 extremely politicized. 

‘To take an interview a rape victim is not crime and I have enough supporting documents to defend the journalist in court since  I have difficulties to  access my clients at the CID, which questions the nature in which the  case has been handled,” said Prof. Mohamed Afrah.

Somali journalists encountered a lot of risks, as well as killings, intimidation, arrests and they have rights to obtain proper protection in their freedoms of expression and the freedom of the press.

Somali Media Freedom Defender is very discontented about the too many delays of  the court hearing and the involvement of the senior level government  officials to the case which puts suspicion of how fair sufficient justice be  served to the journalist.

SMFD calls for the federal government of Somalia to release the journalist as soon as possible.

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