Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A conference gathered by Somali Media stakeholders and Journalists Associations recently took place in Mogadishu

Mogadishu:-  A conference gathered by  Somali Media stakeholders and Journalists  Associations recently took place in Mogadishu to focus on the newly media regulation established  by the ministry of Information.

The meeting was focused on the policy that the government imposed over the Medias operates across the country; the participators agreed the regulations to be amended as they pointed out its possibility to cause obstacles to the  journalists. 

The main confines that are complained by the meeting participators include, that a no reporter can work without having 12-years of media experience, the media to notice the court before buying any media equipments , the media not to easily broadcast any security related issues and more others. 

Finally, the members  attended k part in the meeting expressed concern over the newly regulations to have negatively effect the normal media function and they appointed to come another meeting to take a decision over the rule issue as they appealed the press regulations to be reviewed.

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