Monday, 4 February 2013

The general attorney begin to use the personal mobile phone of journalist Abdi-Asis Koronto.

While more than 20 days he is in custody journalist Abdi-Asis Abdi Nur ibrahim Koronto who is part of the Radio  Dalsan in Mogadishu, has his trail again been postponed before yesterday, His court trail is at this period a new beginning as they have started things that may appear to be harmful to and against the journalist inside the custody.

Mobile phone owned by the journalist Abdi-Asis is now in the hands of the judicial teams where they have started to use it as they make different calls to several number phones carried by his relatives.

They are asking questions such as: who abdi Asis is, how do they know him, and other questions, as we have received and confidential reports say.

The administration of the radio has indicated that matter as a infringement and at the same time seems to have violated the rule of  law. 

The director of the Radio Dalsan Mr. Hassan Ali Gesei has indicated the matter a one that is needed to concoct a crime over Abdi-Asis because they have intervened his private affairs


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