Sunday, 10 February 2013

To release Abdi Aziz koronto,the somali journalist arrested for interviewing a woman raped by members of the Somalian army

To: all supporters of the somali journalists.
From: the head-office of the Somali Rights Watch Group.

Mohamed-amin Said Ahmed, the chairman of the Somali Nationalist Party says 

“Also somali rights watch group and somali nationalist party must talk about the rape which is sometimes take place somewhere in somalia”.

The last rape action was that a somali women raped by some of somali soldiers. Rape is a common problem in africa which is needed to be solved in a good way. Iam requesting to the Somali goverment to release out the raped girl and the somali journalist who interviewed the victim somali girl which was sentenced both of them to one year in prison and not brougt to justice to the soldiers who made this bad action.

Iam here by givining you my support to free Abdi aziz koronto and get him a legal justice from the national court of the goverment of Somalia Republic. I who is a former journalist in a Risaala Media and Dalsan Radio.

Iam very glade to hear from you all somali journalists to be with the side of our lovely good reporter Abdi Aziz Koronto, to free him the illegal jail in 18 days without justice. Also it is realy bad news to hear about an statement last night to release one of the six persons in the jail as a closely family member to the chief commander Sharif Shikhuna Maye and accusing a famous national journalist not qabiil man was working an NGO which is making a political invassion and news propaganda against the new somali goverment as well as Amin Amir cartoon about this matter were united.

He also added his speach to the name of qabiil by the way of qabyaalad. (qabiil qaran ma noqdo, sido kale qof magac leh qabiil ma noqdo). and the other 4 persons to same tribe. (N.B: TRIBALISM WAS THE ONLY SOMALI PROPLEM) From: Mohamed-amin Said Ahmed, the chairman of the Somali Nationalist Party.

Recently, freelance Somali reporter Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim conducted an interview with a woman who claimed to have been raped by members of the Somalian army. When news of the interview went public, Abdiaziz Abdinur was arrested. Interference with a member of the press–especially one who has not committed any crime–is unacceptable. Sign the petition and tell President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to release Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim immediately and unconditionally.

Rape is a major problem in Somalia.  “tens of thousands of people who fled last year’s famine live in poorly protected camps” where members of the army are often accused of sexual assault. The woman interviewed by Abdiaziz Abdinur claimed that her rapists were members of the army, prompting a hostile response from the Somali government: in addition to Abdiaziz Abdinur’s arrest, the woman and her husband were also held for a brief period of time. In fact, everyone involved in the case has been detained by the government–except for the alleged rapists.

After his election, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud promised to bring military rapists to justice. This recent development flies in the face of that promise. Urge President Mohamud to keep his word: demand that Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim be released from custody and insist that the rapists he wrote about–and others like them–be brought to justice.

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